Mustang Pulley

Need to free up some added horsepower? Look no further, Wheels Mustang carrys a wide array of Mustang Underdrive Pulleys to free that extra horsepower your Mustang is longing for. Wheels Mustang has Underdrive Pulleys available for the 1987 - 2009+ Mustangs with a V6 or V8. Our Mustang pulleys are the best in the Biz and are our prices can not be beat! Belt driven accessories like power steering pumps, alternators and water pumps need to be driven at a considerably lower rate than the crack shaft. To step down the rotational velocity being derived from the crank shaft, an under-drive pulley is often used. By reducing the moment of inertia, under-drive pulleys enhance the torque and horsepower output of the internal combustion engine. The stepping down of rotational velocity also reduces parasitic drag which also increases the output efficiency. At Wheels Mustang, we have the best pulleys machined to precision from the highest quality materials. Install our under-drive pulleys and experience a marked increase in efficiency in your Mustang.

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